Assistant Professor / Department of Physics and Mathematics
Doctor of Science, 2014, Southeast University (China)
My research is mainly focused on the pairing mechanism of high-Tc superconductors, especially on the iron-based superconductors. I combined the studies of the band structure by transport measurements, the superconducting gap structure by angle-resolved specific heat measurements, and the superconducting paring mechanism by the pair-breaking effects.
After joined Prof. Kitano’s group, I plan to apply the Josephson junction onto iron-based superconductors and topological superconductors, and combine the micro-fabricating technique with the transport measurements. We wish to observe some interesting phenomena in those junctions like the intrinsic Josephson junctions in topological superconductors, and the increase of Tc.
Keywords in Research
Superconductivity, paring mechanism, gap structure, vortex physics, Josephson junction
Research Interest
Superconductivity, Solid state physics
Contribution to Research Societies
The Physical Society of Japan

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