The College of Science and Engineering English curriculum was designed to foster communication skills necessary for future scientists and engineers and produce productive members of the global community.

1. English Core

During the first and second year, students will improve all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of language. Each term students will enroll in two English Core classes, each of which focuses on two skills (i.e. speaking and listening).

2. Raising competency from EGP to EAP to ESP

In the initial two years of the program, there will be a shift in the focus of the class. Freshmen classes will begin focusing on EGP (English for General Purposes), gradually switching to EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and finally by the end of the second year, ESP (English for Specific Purposes) to learn the technical terms necessary in their fields.

3. Goals of CEFR-J

Classes are designed on goals based on CEFR-J (Common European Framework of Languages Japan version). Students are streamed into three levels, meeting the needs of all students.

4. CALL classrooms and group configuration

English Core classes consist of 30 students and many of them take place in CALL classrooms. Students are seated in groups providing a foundation for student-centered classes.

5. e-Learning as part of the curriculum

Students are able to access e-Learning courseware both on and off campus. The courseware is designed to help improve TOEIC scores, and students can take advantage of this system in order attain their goals in studying abroad or hunting for jobs.

6. Study Abroad Programs

The College of Science and Engineering has two study abroad programs. In the summer, students have the opportunity to study at Ferrum College in Virginia, USA. In the spring, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand welcomes our students. Both programs provide various opportunities to interact with local students and professors in similar fields. Students who participate in these programs receive credit.

7. Cultural exchange through the Chat Room

At the Chat Room, exchange students serve as chat leaders to have free-flowing conversations in English or other foreign languages. Students at the College of Science and Engineering can visit the Chat Room in The chapel lounge and with the use of the Internet, have a "live chat" with international students at Aoyama Campus.



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