Leader:Kouzou Ohara (Dept. of Integrated Information Technology)
Period:Period: June 1, 2018-March 31, 2021
  • MEMBERS (Dept. of Integrated Information Technology)
    Kouzou Ohara (Professor) ★Leader June 2018~March 2021
    Minoru Harada (Professor) at that time June 2018~March 2020
    Dürst, Martin J. (Professor) June 2018~March 2021
    Takeshi Morita (Associate Professor) April 2020~March 2021
    Yoshiyuki Shoji (Assistant Professor) June 2018~March 2021
    Tetsuya Toyota (Assistant Professor) at that time June 2018~March 2020
    Motoki Yatsu (Assistant Professor) June 2018~March 2021
    In this research project, we aim at improving financial market prediction that utilizes texts on the Web. To this end, we will devise novel techniques such as a market prediction model that dynamically revise itself to reduce the prediction error, a method of leaning polarities of words that enables to improve the accuracy of sentiment analysis for forecasting market mood, and active information gathering methods that collect more reliable texts useful for predicting market.